WARNING: You’re Losing Money by Not Contributing to your workplace 401(k)


Free money? Sounds too good to be true right? Thousands of employees take advantage of their employer’s defined contribution plan such as 401(K)’s. Although, many employees are contributing to plans like 401K they are still losing money. So why are so many people not taking advantage of free money? You’re [...]

The Market !?!


What is the Market? While watching the nightly news have you ever pondered, what’s the difference between Dow, Nasdaq, and S&P? After the headlines of the night are reported, then the weather, and briefly you will hear the Dow is up…..Nasdaq is down….But what is the Dow and Nasdaq? Don’t [...]

What Is a Mutual Fund


What is a mutual fund? The question many potential investors ponder on. A mutual fund is the pooling of money from various investors to invest in stocks, bonds, and money market investment vehicles. Mutual funds are managed by fund managers or organizations that buy, sell, or hold investment securities ( [...]

Considering Investing In Stocks


What’s the first thought that comes to mind when you think about investing? If you are like most people, the first thought that comes to your mind is STOCKS, and considering investing in stocks. This is the most common method of investing; however, not the only manner to invest your [...]

Learn How to Invest With 7 Investing Principles


Investing? So many questions surrounding investing; where should you start? Establishing a mindset that encourages and supports investing is the first step in the right direction to liberating your thoughts to explore new avenues financially. This article will be the resource for a 7 step process to begin your investing [...]

What is a Roth IRA


 Ever wondered if there was an alternative to stock piling money into a savings account ( An account that’s earning close to zero percent interest)? There are various alternatives to simply saving money under your mattress, and in a savings account. A tax advantaged way to save money, and gain [...]

ESA versus 529 College Savings Plan


Do you know someone who wants to attend college or a post-secondary institution? If so then you may have heard of the cost of a post-secondary and college education is not pocket change. If you or someone you know is saving for higher education this article will reveal the advantages [...]

Adequate Retirement Savings Goal: How to


What’s the adequate dollar amount you will need in retirement? Even better what is an adequate retirement savings goal? And how to calculate your expenses for your golden years; is a much discussed topic for individuals just starting their working lives, and ones knocking on the door to retirement age. [...]

Personal Budget Allocation Rule of Thumb


Who said a personal budget needed to be innovative, advanced, and down right time-consuming? A Small Investment of time is more than enough to take control of your finances. Creating a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly budget allocation should not be a chore, but an indulgencing pleasure that leaves the creator [...]

Rule of 72: How to Double Your Money


Rule of 72: How to Double Your Money   What makes investors salivate at the ability to release their money for the unknown potential of what could or may not happen to their money? The uncertainty leaves many in a state of indecision, and impales doubt until the investor makes [...]



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