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A Small Investment?


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Investing so many questions….Not enough answers?

A Small Investment aims to provide a thorough resource that offers practical tips for investing, personal finance, and living a life of intentionality. You are greater than your finances, and when you become intentional about shifting your money mindset you will dominate your finances.

How A Small Investment Will Help You Become More Intentional about your finances :

  • Money MindSet : Money is a resource and should be used as such.
  • Learn how to invest with investing tools and strategies.
  • Command your personal finances with a budget that sticks to you and not you to the budget.
  • Establish 3 main financial pillars Give, Save, and Spend.

Why are these important?

It is possible to walk through life beholden to your finances, but why should this be the case. Planning for your future is just as important as living for today. Therefore, make the choice to change your money mindset and start dominating your finances.

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A Small Investment is a resource managed by me, André, to teach about finances and provide a platform to transform your thinking surrounding money. Investing and personal finance can be intimidating; however, with solid resources you will be able to confidently command your finances, plan for the future, and overcome financial strongholds.

University of Houston and University of Houston-Victoria Alumnus: Completed graduate studies in May 2015 with a Master of Business Administration – Concentration Finance. My love for learning is driven by my passion to teach; you could say I have the heart of a teacher.

Throughout this resource I have documented my knowledge from academics and actually experience.

Bible verus Deuteronomy 28 12-13

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